August 2015 Ultimate News

We have just had he coldest few weeks of Winter and I am sure all of you as we are have struggled to stay warm and motivated during this time.  In our last Newsletter I talked about how important it is to look after your skin during these harsh conditions, as we rug up and put on extra heating in our homes, cars and workplace this all add up to de-hydrating your skin.

Not only the skin on your face will suffer, but our entire body will become dry, itchy and flaky, This is where we come in.  At Ultimate Care we have many treatments to help exfoliate and soothe your skin.  With our beautiful Pure Fiji Body Scrubs, Lotions and Body Butters combined in our Pure Fiji Body Treatment we can buff away the dry skin and massage your fresh clean skin with a warm body butter to have you feeling relaxed and nurtured this winter.   We are have also extended our Relax and Reverse treatment for August, which has been a favourite and lots of you have experienced it. We would love your comments on our Facebook page, so everyone can hear how much you enjoyed it.


It is also really important in Winter to increase your Skin Care and this is where Serums and Masks can make a huge difference to your skins wellbeing.  A Serum is a treatment product, not a moisturiser and they are designed for a specific skin condition to be applied under a moisturiser for optimal skin health.  Because the molecules are smaller the ingredients in a Serum can penetrate further into your skin and impact on the skin concern you have.  A mask applied several times a week can also give your skin an extra glow and protect it after a day in the cold.


We have some beautiful Serums and Masks in both Dermalogica and Ultraceuticals and the girls would love to take the time to run you through the benefits.  Of course we would suggest you have a hydrating facial treatment every 3 – 4 weeks in Autumn and Winter, but if you can’t make it in for a treatment then it is so important to be doing more at home.  Did you know like diet and exercise where the ratio is 80% diet and 20 % exercise, good skin is 70%  Homecare and 30% Treatments in the salon!


Ultimate Care Skin Care Lesson in now in session

Lesson  No 4

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is the new kid on the block in  the last few years in skincare, you will hear all the TV commercials mentioning it and with good reason. Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful humectants, which keeps the skin plump ,hydrated and young-looking.  Its can hold 1000 times it’s weight in water which leads to a decrease in dehydration, loss of skin tone, loss of elasticity and gives the skin a more supple appearance.  You can see why we love this ingredient so much!  During winter when your skin gets drier this is must have ingredient in your skin care.   Our favourite product which contains it is Ultraceuticals B2 Serum and we sell it by the bucket load at this time of year.



Cancellation Policy


Unfortunately I have been forced to implement a cancellation Policy, this is a subject I have avoided for years as I have tried to ignore the huge financial pressure this puts on any appointment based business.  All our staff work on incentives and targets, so if we cannot rebook them they will not make their targets, hence not earn what they deserve.   Over the past 5-6 years many business’s (doctors, physio’s) have started charging a cancellation fee for appointments  which don’t give enough notice before cancelling.    As from Monday 17th August we will require 24 hours notice for All cancellations as this allows time to reschedule staff rosters and other customers.  A non- negotiable Fee of $30 will apply for customers who don’t give 24 hours notice.

A customer who does not show for an appointment, without any notification will be asked to pay the price of the treatment they have missed.  We send confirmation texts the day before your appointment so if you need to reschedule it, this giving you the option to do so.

Gift Voucher customers who fail to show for their appointments or do not give 24 hours notice, will have the Gift Voucher marked as redeemed.  If you are unable to attend your appointment you are more than welcome to ask a friend or family member to take your appointment time.

I apologise for this policy but as mentioned above we have a high number of customers who fail to show to their appointments on a daily basis.

I ask for your understanding with this matter and not to make my staff feel pressured to make exceptions to the rule.  I must make this a No Exception Rule so it is fair for everyone and must not enter into any correspondence to the contrary.

We have lots of exciting training with Ultraceuticals and the Sydney Beauty Expo in August, so will have lots to report next month.


As the weather starts to warm up and everyone comes out of Winter hibernation, I hope we see you in the salon soon.

Take Care