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    Relaxation Massage | 60 min - $115

    Melt away your tension and tight muscles with this relaxing massage experience. Customised pressure, kneading and massage will target your most troubled areas.

    Includes: Body massage, warm towel infusions and scalp massage.

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage I 30 min - $80

    When you need a quick, but beneficial massage that is soothing and stress relieving, our 30 minute Back - Neck - Shoulder massage is for you or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who needs a little pick me up.

    Hot Stone Massage | 60 min - $160| 30 min - $95

    One of our most popular massages, our Hot Stone Massage is decadent, relaxing and stress relieving, guaranteeing clients all the benefits of a traditional massage, with the added benefits and warming caress of our  heated volcanic rocks.

    Pure Fiji Body Treatment | 75 min - $170

    Starting with dry body brushing to stimulate the skin and begin the exfoliation process, we then provide a deeper cleanse with a brisk Fiji cream or sugar body scrub. The beautiful aromas of our decadent coconut-based ingredients will transform you to Fiji whilst working their magic to remove any dry skin and then we’ll further sooth you with hot towel infusions and a luxurious Pure Fiji Body lotion application. This deluxe experience makes for a great gift or self-indulgent treat.

    Hand & Foot Care

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    Even the simplest of treatments are taken to the next level at Ultimate Care and our manicures are an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all ages.

    Includes: File, cuticle care, exfoliate, massage and paint.

    Ultimate Manicure | $68 | Add Paraffin - $85

    Ultimate Mini Manicure | $45

    Manicure with Shellac Application | $95

    File and Polish | $26

    Repolish | $20


    You’ll feel the benefits from toe to top with our Ultimate Pedicure. Divine massage chairs relax your back and shoulders whilst your feet soak in beautiful copper bowls, filled with water which has been infused with Fiji body milk. Leg/foot scrubs and massages round out this deluxe experience with shiny new polish, the crowning glory.

    Includes: Filing, cuticle conditioner, heel repair, foot/leg scrub, massage and polish of choice.

    For that quick treat for your feet, the Mini Pedicure gets the job done when you are time poor.

    Includes: Cut, file, and polish.

    Ultimate Pedicure | 60 min - $95

    Pedicure with Shellac Application | $120

    Ultimate Mini Pedicure | 15-20 min - $45

    Ultimate Pedicure with Paraffin | $105

    Repolish | $20

    Nail Enhancements

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    Shellac Nails

    Our shellac nails offer a durable finish to beautiful nails, with a longer lasting and more chip resistant finish.

    Shellac Nails | $55

    Shellac Application Fingers & Toes | $110

    Shellac Soak off and re-apply | $70

    Shellac Soak off | $30


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    Enjoy a healthy tan all year round with a full body tan. Our Multi-Base Tuscan Tan provides a beautiful natural colour for all skin types and will have you holiday or special occasion ready before you know it.

    Spray Tan (Full Body) | $55

    A full body scrub prior to your Tuscan Tan will ensure that you are as smooth and dry skin free as you are glowing and golden.

    Legs | $35

    Want to maintain your glow all year round, ask about our frequent tanning cards

    tuscan tan logo

    Tuscan Tan is a leader in professional spray tanning, using world-exclusive colour technology to product colour match perfection.

    Introducing.... MultiBase Colour Technology.

    • No longer are colour bases the deciding factor for selecting a spray tan solution to suit individual skin tones
    • Complementing all skin tones, MultiBase® colour technology combines all spray tan colour bases of violet, green, red and blue in one multi tasking solution. This exclusive colour blend by works by counterbalancing all undertones of the skin.
    • Producing a deep brown colour on application and developing out to produce a tan unique to each individual, MultiBase® achieves true to you tanning like never before. This is our DARKEST tan yet.
    • Development time is no longer a deciding factor either…
    • The MultiBase® formulation offers the added benefit of express development times; Rinse after 1, 2 or 3 hours for a light, medium or dark tan, or leave on overnight for ultra dark.
    • Other features you’ll love: Sophisticated scent. Mist free. Flash dry formula. Matte finish. Skin conditioning. Extended wear. Even fade.