The Beauty Chef comes to Ultimate Care

“The Beauty Chef” comes to Ultimate Care:-  We are super excited to add The Beauty Chef to our brand family at Ultimate Care.  The Beauty Chef was launched by Carla Oates in 2012 after healing her own skin issues and discovering that beautiful skin begins with a healthy gut, hence the philosophy; ‘Beauty begins in the belly’.  Passionate about skin and natural beauty, Carla created a range of bio-fermented wholefood, probiotic supplements to help balance the gut’s microbiota and promote hydrated, glowing, moisturised skin.  The Beauty Chef’s unique Flora Culture bio-fermentation process breaks down the ingredients, making their nutrients more available for the skin and body to use as well as creates a natural broad-spectrum probiotic. Carla works on unique formulas with a team of naturopaths and microbiologist to create a range of powerful products that offer a complete solution to “Beauty From The Inside Out’.

Derived by nature and supported by science, The Beauty Chef’s living skincare range provides a powerful combination of Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts that focus on gut health for outer beauty, and organic topical skincare products that hydrate, nourish and repair your skin’s natural flora from the outside.

Many of the Beauty Chef products have been clinically tested.  In a clinical trial of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, 94% of women reported the formula improved their skin luminosity, clarity, hydration and texture.  The Beauty Chef formulas are literally alive with powerful bio-active ingredients that are good for your body, skin and belly….because that is where beauty begins.

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