Brighten Up Facial is Back for Autumn!

Autumn – my favourite time of the year! Goodbye heat and hello cooler temperatures, shorter days
and a slightly less hectic approach to life.
Now is the perfect time to set new skin care goals and achieve the results you have always wanted
before the new challenges of winter are upon us.
The harsh UV exposure of the summer months causes stress to our skin in the form of heightened
pigmentation and dehydration. The milder Autumn weather brings about lessened exposure to UV,
and we can kick start the skin into a more rejuvenated state, without fear of causing damage.
Our Brighten Up Facial treatment is back by popular demand for to recharge your skin and have you
glowing for Easter. Save over a huge $170 when you book today!
The Brighten Up Facial
Full skin diagnostic check -up with our Observ Camera
Brightening Accelerator Mask facial
Xen LED photo light therapy
Relaxing foot massage
BONUS: Ultra Brightening foaming Cleanser valued at $62 to take home FREE while stocks last!
Price $159 Valued at over $330
Please Note: For best results we recommend the Brightening Accelerator Mask be used in
conjunction with your prescribed home care and a minimum of 2 treatments in a 4-week period.